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We do provide end to end solutions for Service Tax


Who the package is for
Errors can attract high penalty. It is extremely important you double check the returns you plan to file and get it verified by an expert.

Do you identify yourself in the situations below?
- you want to ensure the returns details are accurate
- you are held liable to pay tax or interest
- You are filing return
- You have not filed return
- The department has issued to you due to any reason and demands an explanation or documents
Ask us for competent representation and keep you out of troubles:
- You have been issued notice by the department
- You are already getting preliminary scrutiny of your return done
- You have been issued notice for assessment or verification of the returns filed

What you get in our Registration package
1. Preliminary scrutiny of Service Tax return to validity of information furnished in the return
2. Detailed scrutiny considering taxability, classification, valuation, point of taxation, reverse charge mechanism, place of provision, etc.
3. Preparation of Reconciliation Statement of Service Tax return with respect to Annual Report, 26-AS, TDS Statement, VAT Return and relevant ledger of Books of Account, whichever applicable
4. Verification of the correctness of the benefit enjoyed in terms of abatement, deduction, exemption, etc.
5. Verification of CENVAT Credit Statement corresponding with original invoice and provision of CENVAT Credit Rules 2004
6. Submit Deficiency Report along with corrective and preventive measures
7. Representation on your behalf before authority if notice is issued for verification of return
As a result of our effective services, you get implied benefits:
- Ample time for your business and personal life
- Peace of mind

Value Added Benefits
Our registration package comes along with plenty of benefits:
- Reminders on due dates
- Updates on service tax matters
- Free initial consultation
- Multilingual consultation - consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.