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We do provide end to end solutions for Service Tax


Who the package is for
Things are not always as easy as they seem. At one point in time, you may feel it is quite easy to get registration in Service Tax. It is not however. We, as leading Service Tax experts, understand the seriousness of the situation. The slightest inaccuracy can make you liable to pay penalty.

Let us help you identify if you need our Registration package. Do you identify yourself in the situations below?

- You have taken registration under a wrong category: Not only you could be liable to pay penalty, but you may not get the tax deposited and credit over it as well.

And then there are situations where getting registration could become difficult.

- You provide services to more than one place
- Receive services from multiple places
- Take services from the head office but your branch as well takes benefit of its CENVAT credit

In any of the above cases, you are supposed to take a decisive decision: whether you have to take one centralized registration or registrations for two different places. This demands time and needs extreme caution from your end.

To help you stay away from each of these worries, we bring to you our package that is built especially around Registration services.

Hurdles you face

Service Tax Registration is an extremely tiring procedure and can consume time if you do not comply with the guidelines. In order to get registration done, you are required to
- List of documents and accounts maintained by the firm or the individual
- Send an application to the concerned Superintendent if Central Excise within a stipulated period of time
- Fill and submit Form ST-1 along with requisite documents – photocopy of PAN card, proof of address and copy of constitution/partnership deed of the firm, etc.

Getting registration is a comprehensive process. You have a lot more things to work on. We advice you spare yourself some time for your business and personal life. Let us get your registration quickly and effectively without you having to worry about it even a bit.

What you get in our Registration package
1. Thorough review of your business process and flowcharts
2. Identification of –
-  Place of provision of service
-  Place where centralized billing or centralized accounting system is located
3. Recommendations for the appropriate categories in which you should take registration
4. Accurate advice on whether to opt for single premise or centralized registration, taking the benefit of CENVAT credit also in consideration
5. Regular guidance on the Service Tax Regulatory Framework w.r.t your business
6. Training for your personnel
As a result of our effective services, you get implied benefits:
- Ample time for your business and personal life
- Peace of mind

Value Added Benefits
Our registration package comes along with plenty of benefits:
- Reminders on due dates
- Updates on service tax matters
- Free initial consultation
- Multilingual consultation - consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.