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We do provide end to end solutions for Service Tax


Who the package is for
A lot of changes have crept in since the concept of Negative List of Service got introduced and the area of Reverse Charge mechanism widened. These changes are made every day, and they continue to flood into the framework. Needless to say, the daily amendments in rules lead to confusion. It becomes hard to decide when Service Tax will be applicable, what amount to pay and how.

Due to the changing nature of the service tax regulatory framework, often even firms’ legal teams, which usually possess generic knowledge, find it difficult to keep an account of details and comply with the rules. Service Tax is a serious, specific, detailed and streamlined field. Legal teams do not want to be held accountable for Service Tax issues.

If you want us to scrutinize your documents on a regular basis, based on the Service Tax Regulatory Framework, our Internal Audit package is just the thing you are looking for.

Issues that Might Arise

There can be serious consequences to inability to follow Service Tax guidelines.

- Failure to comply results in extraction of interest and penalty, both of which could vary
- The department makes a lot of pressure as well
- You lose your concentration on business and peace of mind as a result of Service Tax problems

What you get in our Internal Audit package

There is a solution to everything. You can stay away from all troubles by making just a phone call to us. Here’s the bunch of benefits you receive as a result of our vast experience:
1. A personalized DOST (Service Tax personnel) assigned to your needs
2. Consultation on Service Tax matters even in odd hours
3. Detailed review of books of accounts, records, statements, agreements, business process, and more
4. Gap analysis and Deficiency Report along with corrective and preventive actions
5. Periodic verification of business transactions and report Audit Finding with consequences
6. Follow up procedures to remove existing defects in proceedings
7. We make amendments in your registration
8. Assistance in preparation of return on the basis of documents made available
9. Complete filing of return
10. Detailed scrutiny of service tax return and advice for action in the event of occurrence of mistakes
11. Full and effective representation before the Service Tax authority at the Divisional Level

As a result of our effective services, you get implied benefits:

- Ample time for your business and personal life
- Peace of mind

Value Added Benefits
Our Internal Audit package comes along with plenty of benefits:
- Solutions customized to your problems; we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions
- Immediate support in case of investigation
- Reminders on due dates
- Updates on service tax matters
- Free initial consultation
- Multilingual consultation - consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.