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We do provide end to end solutions for Service Tax


Who the package is for
Sometimes, problems do not knock doors all of a sudden. They build up gradually. This is just the service you need if you have been issued notice for audit by the Service Tax Department or even if a notice has not been issued but you want to maintain your books of account and records in accordance with Service Tax Audit Manual 2011, so you can stay prepared for tough times, such as summon or notice of Audit. Doing so ensures you can produce the documents and explanation demanded.

We highly recommend our Audit Defense service to prepare you for unexpected Audits. The service raises your confidence level by multitudes since you know you are sure we have rectified all errors you had made and the impact of interest and penalty caused due to it has been minimized.

What you get in our Internal Audit package

There is a solution to everything. You can stay away from all troubles by making just a phone call to us. Here’s the bunch of benefits you receive as a result of our vast experience:
1. A personalized DOST (Service Tax personnel) assigned to your needs
2. Consultation on Service Tax matters even in odd hours
3. We handle all communication including letter and/or telephone calls from the STO regarding the Audit
4. Review annual report, service tax returns, TDS, CENVAT and other statements, books of account, agreements and other records
5. We provide you Audit Evaluation Report and discuss finding and recommendation for corrective and preventive action
6. Formulation of strategy on how to face Audit
7. Complete guidance and assistance on compiling documents and prepare information/explanation as directed by STO in Audit Communication Letter(s)
8. Stay by your side on the day of Audit and clarify the issue raised by auditing officer on the day of audit
9. Responding instantly to Spot Memo
10. Liasoning with auditing authorities to minimize the impact in Draft Audit Report
11. Complete filing of return
12. Detailed scrutiny of service tax return and advice for action in the event of occurrence of mistakes
13. Full and effective representation before the Service Tax authority at the Divisional Level
As a result of our effective services, you get implied benefits:
- Ample time for your business and personal life
- Peace of mind

Value Added Benefits

Our Audit Defense package comes along with plenty of benefits:
- We submit documents and explain to the Audit Officer in a manner he would understand best
- Complete assistance to the Audit Officer to derive the desired figure from records, if required
- Reminders on due dates
- Regular updates on service tax matters
- Free initial consultation on Service Tax matters
- Multilingual consultation - consultation in Hindi, English, Bengali, etc.