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We all try to minimize errors and file service tax return well within time with correct data. But sometimes it happens that you submit wrong data unintentionally (or) fail to send entire data (or) do not indicate data at the right place (or) simply commit mistake in filing the return.

Sometimes you get to know early about the mistake, at other times you may not come to know about it for days or month altogether. Often, it so happens then that officers inform you about the mistake during an audit, scrutiny or investigation. But there is no reason for you to panic even in such situations. If a problem arises, there is a solution to it as well.

Let us guide you through such situations with a few practical solutions:

    1. If you get to know of the mistake in filing Service Tax Return within 90 days, then you must file 'Revise Return' and immediately pay tax and interest as well.

    2. If you realize the mistake after 90 days 'by yourself', then you need to clear your dues along with interest instantly and intimate your Range Superintendent and AC of the mistake made and the payment done to rectify it.

    3. If it is the Officer who informs you about the mistake in filing ST Return, do not waste time arguing or pleading that you did not know about it. Instead, clear your duea immediately along with the interest and penalty so it does not increase further. Stay pro-active and try that SCN is not issued.