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Partnerships have always yielded great results. We have seen exemplified examples in mythological stories that have inspired mankind since the beginning of time. Strength achieved as a result of associations and thoughtful partnerships have etched success stories. The epic battle of Ramayana guides us on how the associating with the right people can achieve great results. Even the mighty Lord Rama in those times knew great partnerships can bring down the mightiest of empires.

  • Construction of Ram Setu was only Possible when the entire "BANAR SENA" came together in the cause.Likewise we can also capture every business opportunity if we come together.

It all started with the abduction of Sita by Ravana, the king of Lanka. No matter how desperately Lord Rama wanted to bring back her wife Sita from the clutches of Ravana, hurdle stood in the form of an unconquerable vast ocean on their way to reach Lanka. When there was no hope, they learnt about two monkeys named Nal and Neel in their army who were cursed by a sage that whatever they will throw in water would not sink. And suddenly the entire army was infused with hope. They decided to construct a bridge of stones to lead them to Lanka.

Problem raised its head again. They would need millions of stones to build a bridge of stones that would stretch thousands of kilometres across the river. It dawned upon them that even if they get enough stones, it was not possible to build the bridge to Lanka in a small span of time.

With the power of association, this was very much achievable. Lord Rama realized this and asked the entire army to join hands for one common purpose – construction of the bridge. And they succeeded. It was only possible because a bridge thousands of kilometres long was built when all the monkeys and deities joined their hands together. They successfully crossed the bridge and entered Lanka. A fierce battle was waged. All forces fought together. Ravana’s strong empire was defeated in the battle.

So, you see, partnership is a universal principle and has been practised since ages. No matter how big the target, it can always be achieved when people join hands and work together.

We strongly believe that humans, this way, can make bring great changes that were otherwise individually not possible. Big tasks can be performed with ease. As a team, with partners working together to achieve a common objective, business goals can be achieved in less time than usual. The entire task of management becomes relatively very easy.

When you have partners to aid you in work, you can devote time to your family. This makes the essence of life – sharing happy moments with people who are most important to you.

If you also believe in the concept of Partnership and think that these are not just tales depicting an imaginary concept, what are your views about forming an association to achieve one common goal and focus on certain issues to avoid any future loss of business ?

If you are a part of an association or a business partnership, share with us your success story. Let’s tell others how fruitful business partnerships are so they can also benefit from our experiences.

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Let us know what you feel about 1+1=11 concept.